2021 Restoration Activities

Assistant Keepers Quarters

  • Rear entry door scraped and painted
  • Plaster stabilization begun in west apartment pantry, a continuation of an ongoing project to stabilize plaster
  • Hardware replaced on key interior doors
  • Missing spindles were recreated and replaced in the staircase railings
  • Three windows glazed and painted
  • Ten additional removable window covers constructed and installed
  • Custom screens made to replace solid attic access covers to improve ventilation

1867 Lighthouse

  • Contractors painted soffits, facia boards, the underside of the lantern room and whitewashed the tower
  • Most exterior walls were tuckpointed, with remaining work to be completed in 2022
  • Two additional pair of permanent shutters installed
  • Eaves troughs cleaned
  • Front door painted green
  • Restored screen door was installed on lean to
  • Spiral stairs and railing painted
  • One of four basement windows restored and a custom screen built
  • Frame around front door hardened up with emphasis around lock area
  • Drainage improvements made behind the building; steps and masonry repaired
  • Prototype installation of  temporary Lexan panels in lantern room plywood improved light and visibility
  • Painted lantern room plywood panels
  • Kitchen and front bedroom lead remediated
  • Rear lean to step was modified to address a safety issue

Skeletal Tower

  • Entrance painted
  • Stairway metal window stops removed with welding equipment
  • Stairway window sash restoration begun and will continue over the winter


  • Scraped and primed
  • Doors fortified in an attempt to prevent further damage from high water and stone
  • Stone partially removed around doors to allow access to the building


  • Door frame and threshold painted
  • Historic front screen door restored and re-installed

Fog Signal

  • Supply room window restored
  • Front door primed & painted with glazing repaired
  • Door to cupola repaired with missing hardware replaced

Oil House

  • Touched up exterior paint

Maintenance Barn

  • Structure was “hardened up” with additional nails and lumber
  • Caulked and repainted


  • Clearing was done around Fog Signal, behind the Assistant Keepers Quarters and the hillside below the 1867 Lighthouse
  • Mowing became easier with the donation of a riding mower
  • The one remaining light post was painted and stabilized
  • Outhouse was clear-coated as was the newest picnic table