July 13 – John Deere & Generators get needed attention

Keeper’s Log 7/13/23 Thursday
8am Temperature 62 degrees
Wind 0-5
Cloudy most of the night, but we only had a few sprinkles to start with.
After breakfast, Marty pulled the Jackery’s and the EcoFlow and hooked them up to the solar power system.
Maintenance items on the agenda today for all. Reset the intake hose for our water and moved the pump back into place. Pumped and filtered water for washing and drinking.
Changed oil in both generators and the John Deer tractor.
Rebuilt a cart for the large generator.
Finished the back door to the summer kitchen.
Mouse proofed the edge of the door.
Plugged a tire on the John Deer. It had picked up a roofing nail.
Moved 15 buckets of shells.
Ran the air compressor with thee EcoFlow to check tires and use the air nailer to finish the trim on the summer kitchen. Doors and trim are ready to paint by another work crew.
Hauled trash closer to the dock area that needs to go to the mainland dump.
Dinner was chicken wings on the grill and chicken and wild rice soup. We do eat well, but we burn a lot of calories too.
The flies were worse today than yesterday and are a pain. Long pants are mandatory as they are biters! I heard another mosquito today just before dinner.
After dinner and cleanup we took a walkabout. We saw two eagles flying high watching every step we took.
No word on the paddle boarder. He was gone when we got up. I hope he made it!
8:23pm temp 63 degrees
Light winds 5mph. It’s supposed to pick up about 11pm gusts up to 20mph, more over night.
Maintenance due at 50 hours – yes!
Workshop deck frame complete
New cart for the “old” 3000 watt generator