The Fox Island Lighthouse Association (FILA) works to preserve and restore the South Fox Island Light Station and its connecting grounds. We operate as a “Friends” Group to the Michigan Department of Resources that owns the site. Many of our projects are planned and executed by volunteers. Contractors are used as safety issues or specialized skills dictate.

Please use the Volunteer page to let us know how you can help.

2024 Restoration Projects – More to come

Assistant Keepers Quarters

  • Develop drawings and plans for porch reconstruction
  • Begin “on island” preparation for project
  • Evaluate doors and windows to be restored in conjunction with porch project
  • Repair floor joists supporting east parlor

1867 Lighthouse

  • Restore lantern room frames and install temporary panels
  • Document requirements for glass replacement
  • Restore clockwork access doors
  • Recreate missing tower cupboard door
  • Continue lead remediation and painting
  • Replace rotted soffit
  • Repair rotted basement window frame
  • Scrape and paint basement window frames & screens
  • Install flashing around leaking vent pipe
  • Plan for ventilator ball replacement

Skeletal Tower

  • Restore entry and upper door latch mechanisms


  • Caulk/touch up paint where brace was removed


  • Finish exterior painting

Fog Signal

  • Organize “shop” area for future project work
  • Resolve leaks around chimneys

Oil House

  • Dig out foundation; apply Dry Lock to reduce wicking


  • Perform ongoing grows maintenance and brush clearing
  • Finish edging sidewalks
  • Move outhouse