July 1, 2021

Sometimes dreams come true. In 2008 when we first visited the station, the 1867 lighthouse windows were covered with plywood. The “lean to” had mostly collapsed. The interior was dark. Lead paint chips crunched underfoot. The place smelled of mouse droppings. In 2014, when I retired, it was, unfortunately, much the same.

My husband, John, asked whether we could do something.

We started with windows, getting a grant to get a class on window restoration taught by local preservation expert, Steve Stier. We got involved in fundraising, helping allow the group to engage contractor Jerry Spears to reconstruct the “lean to” exterior. The DNR helped us with a materials grant to help get the space set up for volunteer housing. Andy Thomas of Thomas & Milliken replaced the decrepit front door. We learned how to safely remediate lead paint. Volunteer Peter Riddell begin recreating missing shutters. Carl Johnson has been our windows “go to” guy. Naomi Nowland and her husband Scott came from Iowa to do the initial whitewashing in 2018. Many, many other volunteers have contributed parts and pieces. This past week, Old Country Painting & Restoration completed an engagement doing tuckpointing, painting & the remaining whitewashing. It is truly a dream come true!