July 17, 2021

T minus 1. Next trip is tomorrow. Just a day trip, so it should be easy. It will be for the team going out, but not for Joerg and me. Joerg had to spend time this week dealing with boat issues. The auto pilot engaged when it shouldn’t have on our way in last weekend, causing a  harrowing minute or two. I was truly glad to be with such an experienced captain. The culprit was a bit of sand in the unit. We’d also had mis-firing on one engine, traced to corrosion on a wire. We’ll only know for sure when the engine is under load, but a trial run around Gull Island suggested the issue is resolved.

Meanwhile, my prep includes bringing out a better short step ladder for our painting project, purchasing another gallon of primer for the expanded winter cover project Team Maki will be doing in two weeks, returning a recently restored 1905 window sash to the island, bringing our window zipper to try to get a recalcitrant sash open, donating a couple spatulas to replace ones that went missing, bringing another threaded rod assembly to cover a window opening for the winter, and bringing cookies for the team (sorry, just store-bought, ran short of time.) John is just coming in the door from purchasing hose fittings requested for the water system. Nothing is really simple trying to live and do restoration this far from hardware stores.

Final check of the weather. It looks fine. Sent the last pre-trip email to the team confirming same.