July 31, 2021

Team #10 is scheduled to depart tomorrow after a two day weather delay. Was reminded of Phil von Voigtlander’s admonition a decade ago the first time my husband was “stuck” on the island. “They are safe there. We are safe here. Let’s keep it that way.” That philosophy still stands.

Eric and Lorinda have enjoyed their time this past week. The “carpenter + 2″team (Ben, Jim, James, John & Karen) are anxious to get out and start their projects, completing the maintenance barn; installing restored windows, shutters and screen doors; and painting, lots of painting.

There’s tremendous teamwork in this group. Earlier this summer, Cathy Allchin stepped in to lead two teams when another team member had a close friend enter hospice. Two weeks from now, two friends will co-lead “her” team as she deals with aging parent issues.  With Lightkeeper “down”, boater Steve Redding will do tomorrow’s transport with Joerg as navigator. Former board member, Tim Statler, will help us out the following week. Members have been delivering supplies to outgoing boats, greeting incoming trips, offering housing to out-of-towners….the list goes on. Thanks to all of you who help make this project happen.