June 30, Windows moving toward completion

Marty’s report today includes showing the “adjustments” needed to get the replicated top sash to fit within the grooves and between the stops. We fortunately have a table saw and good carpenters available to “skinny” them up as required.

Just moments ago, the guys reported in that all the sash has been dry fitted…the stops as well…they have exactly enough 1/4″ – 20 screws to finish the job (good thing we put in what we thought were extras!)

Final paint on both the sash and window openings is next, sash locks, then final install.

This project has had unusual complexity with its mix of wood and metal components, missing sash, badly damaged sash (see below), and difficulties removing and sizing hardware.

It’s extended over 7 summers (the first sash came out in 2017). Something over 25 people have contributed some piece to it, either hands on work or helping transport components. Particularly significant contributions have come from Doug Noren, Carl Johnson, Mark Schumaker, Marty Rosalik and Tom McBride, the latter of whose efforts are helping bring this project to completion this year.