July 18, Mortar and Cement

A great start to today’s trip out to South Fox–Ham and his crew of two used the tractor from the DNR to load the cement on the Bear, and we had a smooth ride out to the island…all was well. Oops… the starboard motor lift stopped working, so we were not able to land where we wanted to land. Fortunately, we were able to get into the Bear’s prior landing site, and I’ve now made a trip to the island with dry shoes! Something to celebrate. We were able to bushwhack a path from the landing site to the barn and the guys used the tractor to quickly move the cement onto a pallet and cover it with a tarp. The buildings all look good–the inside of the tower in the 1867 is awesome indeed, Mark Lee! No berries yet–we checked, but the carpenters should have some ripe for their next trip out at the end of the month.