July 15 – Packing & Clean up

Keeper’s Log 7/15/23 Saturday Barb Falkenhagen’s final report
7am temperature 62 degrees
Winds out of the SW 8-10 mph
Today was a finish all the little jobs day. Marty and Tom worked on the solar power system. Then Tom worked on landscaping the deck area. Just a bunch of little things.
Then clean up started. Marty cleaned up the fog signal building, I did the summer kitchen, my room and the tower.
At 3:30 it was 78 in the shade and hot in the sun.
We had 3 visitors from Muskegon Lake area sailing their boat to a new mooring on Lake Erie.
The flies weren’t too bad yesterday or today as there was a breeze.
8pm temperature is 65 degrees.
Wind isn’t enough to flutter the flag 0-5 but you can hear the waves on the shore from the SW.
The Boat leaves to pick us up at 9am tomorrow and will be here just before 11. We have staged items that need to go back near the tool shed. Personal gear will be done in the morning.
It’s been an incredible week here. Lots of hard work, but lots of fun with these guys too.
This will be my last Keeper’s Log entry for this year. There may be an update when I get home.
Until then-
Let your light shine!
Morning coffee