May 12 – Lantern Room Progress

After a number of maintenance projects (water, outhouse, etc.), Marty & Tom are back to researching steps to restore the 1867 lighthouse lantern room.

Organizing tools….backing out screws that have been in place for nearly 160 years is not an easy proposition.

Even getting to the screws is a challenge. When FILA first began rehabbing the station, most of the glass was AWOL from the lantern room. Volunteer Phil von Voigtlander covered openings with plywood nearly 20 years ago to protect the lantern room  from further damage.

Tom & Marty are having to work around this plywood (still needed to protect the openings) whilst trying various means to back out screws that hold the frames that originally held the glass.

Another view….

We’re thankful for the many folks who help make this project happen.