August 4 – Carpentry in the round

Today’s update includes before and after pictures trimming out the 1867 LH front door.

Before and after photos. Transitioning from the square outer tower to the circular tower interior.


Ben assessing in the “before” image with the second photo showing how they filled out the void between masonry and door frame. The lighthouse screen door was a project from an earlier team. They found it in the basement with derelict screen, fixed it up repurposing hardware sent out for another project and added a brace. Still needs a paint job but we’ve otherwise made a lot of progress in cleaning up the entry this year.

Further up the tower, we’ve been missing one of the door off this compartment so the thought was to bring it back to make a replica. Jim reports “Little curved door removed from lighthouse stairs. We did take measurements for the door needed.” The small door is from one of the clock weight accesses.

Jim adds: “The door is curved. Hinges r curved.”

Yes, that’s why this project is coming back to the mainland. It will take resources far beyond what we can do “on island.”