2023 Restoration Activities

Assistant Keepers Quarters

  • Restore rear apartment kitchen windows
  • Re-roof east portico
  • Recreate trellis and install
  • Perform masonry repairs on steps and retaining wall

1867 Lighthouse

  • Remove lantern room sheet metal; clean and prime supporting frames
  • Restore final three basement windows
  • Locate and install original basement window screens
  • Complete top-coating the tower interior
  • Begin acquiring period items for kitchen interpretation
  • Trim front door interior
  • Repair and install screen for front door
  • Continue interior lead paint remediation and painting – parlor walls & trim completed this summer

Skeletal Tower

  • Resecure lantern room window that had blown out


  • Enhance brace to secure double doors
  • Remove stone from around doors, rails and sidewalks
  • Relocate dinghy from Fog Signal to Boathouse


  • Prep and paint exterior
  • Tuckpoint chimney
  • Repair rear door and install screen door
  • Repair trim around front window

Fog Signal

  • Repair front entry steps

Oil House

  • Patch roof


  • Ongoing vegetation removal to provide a greater fire perimeter around buildings
  • Clear gravesite
  • Repair & paint flag pole
  • Implement solar recharging system